Friday, October 24, 2014


So this will be a little (or a lot) controversial.

As a member of the Church of Christ, I have been taught that worshipping God with instrumental music and hands raised is wrong. And yet I don't feel that way. While I don't agree with it in a church service, I don't see anything wrong with it at a gathering or in my car or home. Because y'all, have you heard some of the "modern" worship songs. They are wonderful and inspiring and truly touch your heart. And yet we continue to say that they are wrong and written to make money and get worldly recognition. I imagine that the same was said when hymns were written as well. They are songs that inspire and songs that uplift and songs that give glory to God. And when you are in a room where people are singing along and their hands are in the air and they are truly worshipping from their hearts- it is good. It is worship. And they are making a joyful noise and giving glory to God. And I just can't believe that when hearts are worshipping like that there is anything wrong with it. And I question why we keep telling our children it is wrong to sing a hymn with instrumental music and why we discourage them to listening to "modern" christian music but have no problem with them listening to modern rock, country, or pop. Would I rather my children sing about God and Jesus or about sex,money, and drinking? I would rather have them singing and worshipping with their hearts regardless of an instrument or not. So I have to wonder why we are so dead set against it at anytime and yet not dead set against "regular" radio stations in our cars and in our homes. What are we really teaching them at that point?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mommy guilt, new adventures, and Allume

I am so excited to be at Allume again this year but it came with a lot of mommy guilt. See today is Beta induction- but I won't be there. Instead I am in South Carolina. I almost canceled my whole trip over this. Then I thought about it, John will be there, he can Face time me so I will see the whole thing, and I need to be here do me. So lingering guilt will be my companion this trip.

For the first time in 14 years, I drove by myself for more than 2 hours. Completely solo for almost 6 hours. Through downtown Atlanta. I should point out my fear of merging, overpasses, and more than 4 lanes of traffic so you understand how big that is.

So now I am here at Allume. Open and ready to be raw and broken by Sunday. And that is a good thing. So here is to the next 4 days, meeting online friends in real life, and getting closer to God.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Duck Dynasty does Fiction

A series by John Luke and a Christmas book by Mrs. Kay- Duck Dynasty fiction is invading my house!!!!!

First up is a series co-authored by John Luke Robertson, "Willie's Redneck Time Machine". In this book you are Willie. So you get to call the shots. You get to enter a time machine and have a different adventure every time you read this book if you want! 

I have to say that while this really is a good book for my 4th grader- it was not so much the book for me. But that had nothing to do with the story or the writing. I am not the person who likes to flip around in a book to read a story. I want to start on page one and read straight through. My 4th grader on the other hand loved that part of the book. He liked being in control of the story and flipping all through the book.

This book is also part of a series. The titles in the series are: Willie's Redneck Time Machine, Phil & the Ghost of Camp Ch-Yo-Ca, Sin in Space, Jase & the Deadliest Hunt. 

These books will make great Christmas presents for the boys in your life!

Hunter is from Chicago and has never even heard of the Robertsons. His mother enters him in a contest and by luck of the draw, Hunter gets to spend Christmas with the entire Robertson clan. Surrounded by the Robertsons, Hunter learns about life and faith through an unlikely adventure he didn't even want to go on. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am a fan of the show and have enjoyed other books written by members of the Robertson family. I know that this book is a work of fiction but the essence of the family comes through loud and clear. Definitely a 5 star read. 

I want to give away a copy of each of these books to a lucky reader. All you have to do is leave a comment in the comment section between now and Monday, October 20. I will then randomly chose a lucky winner. 

** I received a copy of each of these books for review and for a giveaway. All opinions are my own.**

Monday, October 13, 2014

Adventure- a Words Matter post

Adventure is how I approach everyday. I never know what exactly I am going to see or do. I have four boys and I work in a nursing home. Adventure is everywhere I turn. 

Adventure is waking up on a Saturday and loading your kids up for a trip to a local pumpkin patch. Adventure can simply be sitting down with a elderly resident and enjoying their stories of the past. Adventure is realizing that big or small, every moment matters and should be appreciated to the fullest. 

Living is the greatest adventure of them all. At least that's what I have been told. I think that being a mom is the greatest adventure of them all. But then there is so much more than that in this world. God gave me a great adventure with these four boys of mine. He also gave me the adventure of being a wife, a friend, a confidant, and a Christian. My heart is full and I look forward to the adventure of the everyday. From the child who tells me he loves me to the resident who calls me her "white daughter" to the friend who asks for prayers. Those are the everyday adventures that make life beautiful and make me thankful. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Deceived" {a review}

A child whose death was never explained, a body never found, and a mother who never gave up hope are the basis of a book by Irene Hannon titled "Deceived". When a chance encounter in a mall reawakens the hope that Kate has held onto for years that her son is still alive, a new friendship and random events open the door to answers she has long been seeking. 
This is the kind of book I love to read. I gladly give this book 5 stars and set it into my read again pile. Pick this book up and enjoy it with the beautiful fall weather and a cup of coffee. 

**I was given this book in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.**

Monday, September 15, 2014

Just in time for a new week.....

With this new job I don't really have a whole lot of time for reading BUT I was so excited about these two books that I made time for them.
Dan Wash and Gary Smalley have added to their Restoration series with "The Desire". This book follows Michelle and her husband in their journey to have a child of their own. While on a trip to Africa, Michelle's husband, Allen, meets a girl who changes his perspective on how that child will come into their lives. Michelle is not on board. So, when her mom meets a young, pregnant girl who wants to find a forever home, Michelle and Allen have to weigh their desire for a child of their own or a child who God wants to place in their arms. The surprising conclusion of this book is worth the wait. 

Now you know that I love anything that Holley Gerth puts out and her new book is no exception. I love how every time I read her words it is Holley speaking directly to me. And I love how much I needed this book when it came. Her words give encouragement in the dark hours and even on the good days. She is a mother of words and this is a new "daughter" to be proud of. 

I am excited about these new books and can't wait to hear what you think. 

**I received these books from the publisher in exchange for my reviews. All opinions are my own. **

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Georgia Aquarium, Cross County, and general musings

John and I took the boys to the GA Aquarium a couple of weeks ago. Let me just say that it was a "been there, done that, don't need to go back" type of thing. I was in shock at how GROWN people were acting. Shoving children out of the way, cutting in line, and being rude to everyone. I will admit that the exhibits were good and I enjoyed them but with all of the other going on around me I had a very hard time enjoying the whole experience. AND I didn't take my camera. I only had my phone. So I didn't take that many pictures.

Pacey had his first Cross Country meet last weekend. It was HOT. I was proud of all the kids for finishing. Especially since it was close to 100 degrees out there.

I have been nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I am in debating mode right now about completing it. I am not going to donate to the charity that they suggest. They fund embryotic stem cell research. And they get their "donors" from abortion. So I just can't. But then there is the whole dumping a bucket  of good clean water on my head and wasting it. I just can't see the point. I love that ALS is getting the attention but when clean water is so hard to come by around this world I can't justify wasting it.

We have gone through our first "bug" of the school year and we are now working on our second school related illness. If this keeps up, the doctor's office is going to make a killing off of us this year. Other than that all is going normally around here. See you soon.