Monday, September 15, 2014

Just in time for a new week.....

With this new job I don't really have a whole lot of time for reading BUT I was so excited about these two books that I made time for them.
Dan Wash and Gary Smalley have added to their Restoration series with "The Desire". This book follows Michelle and her husband in their journey to have a child of their own. While on a trip to Africa, Michelle's husband, Allen, meets a girl who changes his perspective on how that child will come into their lives. Michelle is not on board. So, when her mom meets a young, pregnant girl who wants to find a forever home, Michelle and Allen have to weigh their desire for a child of their own or a child who God wants to place in their arms. The surprising conclusion of this book is worth the wait. 

Now you know that I love anything that Holley Gerth puts out and her new book is no exception. I love how every time I read her words it is Holley speaking directly to me. And I love how much I needed this book when it came. Her words give encouragement in the dark hours and even on the good days. She is a mother of words and this is a new "daughter" to be proud of. 

I am excited about these new books and can't wait to hear what you think. 

**I received these books from the publisher in exchange for my reviews. All opinions are my own. **

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Georgia Aquarium, Cross County, and general musings

John and I took the boys to the GA Aquarium a couple of weeks ago. Let me just say that it was a "been there, done that, don't need to go back" type of thing. I was in shock at how GROWN people were acting. Shoving children out of the way, cutting in line, and being rude to everyone. I will admit that the exhibits were good and I enjoyed them but with all of the other going on around me I had a very hard time enjoying the whole experience. AND I didn't take my camera. I only had my phone. So I didn't take that many pictures.

Pacey had his first Cross Country meet last weekend. It was HOT. I was proud of all the kids for finishing. Especially since it was close to 100 degrees out there.

I have been nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I am in debating mode right now about completing it. I am not going to donate to the charity that they suggest. They fund embryotic stem cell research. And they get their "donors" from abortion. So I just can't. But then there is the whole dumping a bucket  of good clean water on my head and wasting it. I just can't see the point. I love that ALS is getting the attention but when clean water is so hard to come by around this world I can't justify wasting it.

We have gone through our first "bug" of the school year and we are now working on our second school related illness. If this keeps up, the doctor's office is going to make a killing off of us this year. Other than that all is going normally around here. See you soon.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Learning Curve

Well- the last month and a half has been a huge learning curve for me. I went back to work in a completely different field, work completely different hours, and sent all the kids to school. I like my job. But it is harder than I ever would have thought. Just for the record Activity Directors really don't get to play all day. They work really hard and take work home every night just like everyone else. The hours were hard to adjust to as well. Up between 5:15- 5:30, kids up at 6, kids on the bus at 6:30, and me pulling out to head to work as soon as the bus pulls away. Work from 7:15- 4 (or later) everyday. Come home and get the kids from my mother-in-law because the bus drops off a whole 30 minutes earlier than it did last year. I am still trying to figure out housework and laundry with all the homework, practices, and other work that goes on. I am definitely for hiring someone to come clean my house multiple times a week- especially if the wash clothes and iron them.

Miles has started school and thrown me a curve ball. He doesn't talk about it. He hates going. And he is the baby who is not a baby anymore. But he still wants to be a baby. He wants to be carried, he wants to sleep with us at night, and he wants to stay at home. He does not want to grow up. The other three loved school and wanted to be big boys. Miles- not so much.

Josh is a challenge too. My "Mom gut" tells me that there is something going on but state regulations make it hard to even get something happening at schools these days. I am definitely going to become "that mom" that the school hates to see coming before long.

It makes me grateful that the older two are relatively "easy". Other than a really bad attitude on one that is.

I am going to be writing more regularly now that I have a better footing in my life. So I certainly hope that y'all are  going to keep reading. :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

"A Bouquet of Love"- {a review}

Bouquet of Love, A (Weddings by Design Book #4): A Novel reminds me of "A Big Fat Greek Wedding". Which is funny because there are multiple references to it throughout the book.

Cassia and her family move to Galveston, Texas to open a new restaurant. As Cassia's father enters into a feud with another restaurant owner, Cassia finds her dream job, wonderful friends, and her dream guy. But she has to keep it all under wraps because of her father's feud. The hilarity of the family dynamics and Cassia's determination to hold onto all she has found, make this book worth ever minute that you read it.

This is the third book in a series that I am definitely going to go back and read from the beginning but is also a wonderful stand alone novel. As we reach the end of the summer and as the kids head back to school, this book is for the enjoyment of moms and grandmas who are for the first time in months getting to read a book and for those of us who just need to read something fun after a long day at work and fighting over homework.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Wherever the River Runs" {a review}

I know that it seems like I only pop in to post reviews here lately BUT I really am excited about this book. (And I will back to regular blogging next week.)
My first introduction to the (in)Bloom bookclub was Kelly Minter's "The Fitting Room". I immediately liked her style of writing and her way with words. When "Wherever the River Runs" became available I was ready for a new book written by her.

In "Wherever the River Runs", Minter takes the reader to the Amazon and a forgotten people who love Jesus with a deep seated passion that everyone can learn from. With appalling conditions and numerous tragedies the people of the Amazon were eager to here about Jesus and to show others what he has done for them. It is clear that with their love and passion, Minter saw past the circumstances and saw what God and Jesus can do in this world. Minter has an uncanny way of bringing the reader along on the journey and having them feel the passion felt by the members of this trip.

I am so excited to be able to offer this book to one of y'all. If you are a fan of Hentown Mama on Facebook or a subscriber to the newsletter you are already entered. If you aren't go like us or subscribe to the newsletter and you will be entered to win. I will notify the winner on Friday afternoon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Get your kids reading this summer

I love when books for kids combine history or an important lesson with a fun story. Imagination Station books never disappoint.

Patrick and Beth land on a ship during the Revolutionary War. They quickly learn that life on a ship in no easy job. When their ship is captured they learn how prisoners of war are not always treated fairly and help plan a daring escape. Will it work? 

Valuable lessons are learned through this book. And my children loved this book. Both of my middle children like Imagination Station books and were excited to see this one come in the mail. I think that this is one for every household and every age. 

**I received this book in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.**

"Death Takes A Ride" {a review}

You know by now that I love mysteries and I love to find new authors. "Death Takes a Ride" is definitely a fun new mystery to read.

Cate Kinkaid is a private eye who tends to have trouble find her. When she goes to pick up a friend and witnesses a murder she falls deeper into a case than she feels comfortable with. When the killer gets too close for comfort, Cate learns what she is really made of.

I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to picking up more from the series. I actually started reading this the day before I started my new job so it took me longer to read than normal. But it was definitely not the book- it was all me and adjusting to the new job.

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.**