Thursday, January 31, 2013

Desperate Chapters 5 and 6

Once again we are back in the book “Desperate” by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson. I hope that you are enjoying it and maybe becoming a little less desperate everyday. I know that as I read this book I my eyes are being opened to so many things that I can do to help myself become a little less desperate. And I am being convicted in every chapter. There are actually a couple of chapters that I think that I need to concentrate on alone on here instead of 2 chapters a week. But that is coming. Today we are going to talk about chapters 5 and 6 so let's jump in.

Chapter 5

This was and is a very personal chapter for me. I have suffered from depression and slip back in easily. I don't necessarily agree with what Sarah and Sally say. Because depression is very personal and very hard to overcome. And it sometimes takes meds and counseling and not just diving into scripture to overcome that darkness in your life. That being said there are several quotes from this chapter that have really stuck with me.
“Trying to function through our days being down-to-the-bone tired can many any mama feel desperate. I felt like such a failure when I would be so tired that I just wanted to put on a movie for the babes, so I could grab a few more minutes of sleep.” SM (pg 56)

“Life is hard when you are emotionally inside out. No matter how great your circumstances are or how much you love your children...or Jesus, life is hard when you feel the darkness invade your spirit. And you can't just pull your boot straps up, no matter how cute they are.” SM (pg57)

These two quotes definitely show how I feel. A lot. And it is hard. But Psalm 27:1 says “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the defense of my life; whom shall I dread?”
And reminding yourself of this is even harder when you are in the depths of depression but it really does help. (Along with some meds) And personally I don't think that people who have no clue about what depression feels like or does to you should ever tell you how to handle it (not the authors of this book). And since I could really go off on a tangent about how I feel about it all I am going to move on to chapter 6.

Chapter 6

I am an only child. My mom pretty much did everything for me because I was her “miracle baby”. I did know how to do laundry when I moved out and how to cook a few things. But housecleaning has never been my strong suit. It is my moms just not mine. She really never made me do it. There is a quote on page 68 that really strikes me and sticks with me in housecleaning, mothering, and losing weight. Sarah Mae says “Lack of discipline and a lack of training go together. In order to be trained in something, you must be disciplined.” Doesn't that make a lot of sense. And it really does work for me. I am using that quote for everything right now. My house is never completely clean. And I do mean never. The cleanest my new house will be is in a couple of weeks the day before we move in when I go to vacumn, mop, and paint. I never expect it to be spotless again. And that does not bother me. Because there are more important things that a spotless house. Like my four children. A mess is okay. Not a huge mess. I don't mean a filthy house. I mean a if the dishes didn't get washed today that is okay but don't leave them there for a week. If your child wants you to read to him then do it. Don't worry about there still being toys in the living room when you go to bed. “Clean as [you] go” (SC pg 74). Family is more important then a clean house. But there are also children in your house that have to be responsible adults one day so give them chores. Let them help you get the house clean. If you can make it a game. Get everyone involved and it will go a lot faster and a lot smoother. Look at James 1:5 and Hebrews 12:1-2. Turn there for wisdom and training. Turn to older women in your church and ask for their wisdom to help guide you. Use your resources.

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