Monday, January 7, 2013

"Desperate"- a review

Movement -

 I received this email about 3 weeks ago talking about a "Desperate Launch Team" and opened it. I found an opportunity to read a book written by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson in exchange for a review. I was skeptical at first because I already had 2 other books on my plate and Christmas coming. But when I went to the website and saw "Have you ever said I just can't be a mom today", I was hooked. I signed up for the ebook and when it came I started reading. I still have not finished the book because I am attempting to get everything that I can out of it. I am even ordering the hard copy today. On each page I find another just for me sentence of paragraph. Another piece of encouragement. Another sentence that makes me sigh in relief that I am not alone. Just a few of my favorite quotes from the first section of the book are:

"The woman who is alone in motherhood becomes a target of discouragement for Satan."

"I really wish there was a formula that had all the right answers on how to raise my kids well."- Sarah Mae

"The only formula I want my children to tuck deep in their hearts is this: God has weaved each of us uniquely and we are wonderfully made in his image."

"A mom is exactly the person that her children need; God created it to be that way."

Do you see why this book is so good? This book is amazing from the front cover, the forward by Ann Voskamp, to the open and honest chapters written by Sarah and Sally with passages for study at the end of each chapter. Do you want a copy yet? You can buy a copy at Barnes and Noble or on Dayspring. You can also go to any major book store and buy it. This book will start a revolution among us moms. It will bring us together and encourage us to reach out and stop feeling so desperate all the time. You can also go to Sarah Mae's website for some amazing give aways all week.

Towards the end of the month I will also be doing a book club/ study on this book on Thursdays. More details to come.

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