Friday, January 18, 2013

Five Minute Friday- Cherished

Every Friday Lisa Jo over at the Gypsy Mama gives a topic and we write for 5 minutes. No editing, no pre-planning, just impromptu writing for 5 minutes on a topic. Then you link back up with her post for the week and read what others have written. This weeks topic is "Cherished".
It is hard to feel cherished in a world full of little people and a husband who works two jobs. It is hard to make your husband feel cherished when you rarely see him and when you do he is so tired he doesn't have 5 minutes for you. It is hard to feel cherished by your children when it seems that all they do is dis-obey.
But then they come and climb in your lap and just want you to hold them or walk up and just hug you out of nowhere. And then the cherished feeling fills you. Or your husband just says thank you for all you do and you realize that he does cherish you even if it is rarely shown. And you try to make your husband feel cherished with the little things like making sure he has clothes or fixing a supper that he will like even if you won't. Or going to a store that you hate just because he likes it.
Cherishing is a choice. And feeling cherished means looking at the little things that others do for you and choosing to feel cherished. Not everyone cherishes others in the same way. It is realizing how others around you show you that they cherish you that matter.

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  1. So important to seek out the little things. They can make all the difference in the world.

  2. I get what you are saying. I think we all would love to feel cherished in bigger ways but the simple ways can be just as special! You are a good wife and I mama. I can tell!