Friday, January 18, 2013

Getting Organized in 2013

I am hoping that by doing this series I will actually get more organized myself. So we will see how it goes. We are going to start with a home management notebook.
Okay. I really want to encourage you to buy this book! Because this notebook has changed my life. Everything is in one place. Information, calendars, meal plans, to do lists, inventories. All I have to do is grab this one notebook and I am good to go. So since I love it so much I am going to dedicate today to it.
Get a 3 ring notebook. I have a 3 inch binder. Make a cover for it and if you want to make your own dividers you can. I just cut scrapbook paper down to size and slid it in a page protector with a label inside for that section. You can have as many sections as you want or need for your household. (Buy the book so that you can see what each section is for and why. Also for the printables). The sections in my book are:
Home Management
Meal Planning/ Inventories
Important Numbers and Addresses

I am actually rethinking the calendar section at this point because I have a planner and also a wall calendar as well as my phone. So I think that it is just a little overkill for me. But I like the idea of having a calendar in this notebook as well. Of course all of my master project lists, to do lists, dvd/bool inventories are in the home management section along with a cleaning schedule. Finances has our budget in it and a spending tracker. Meal Planning has our monthly meal plan, shopping lists, and inventories of the pantry, fridge, and freezer. Inspiration has all my blog planning stuff in it.

Kayse does a much better job in the book “Getting It Together” explaining the purpose of each section and she also provides printables of all the imporatant aspects of the notebook so that you don't have to make your own. So buy the book. Become more oraganized.

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