Saturday, January 26, 2013

Getting Organized in 2013

I fear that this will be a VERY short lived series as I am not doing that well in organizing anything in my home except a home management notebook and minimally my cabinets and fridge. However this week we are going  to talk about packing for a trip. Why you may ask. Because I will be packing my 8 year old son for a trip to Tennessee with his grandfather today. I am a list person. When we start talking about going on a trip I start making lists. There is the packing list for clothes for each person, the list for what we need from the bathroom, and the list for everything else we need. Then there are the To Do lists that come with everyday leading up to the trip so that it doesn't all just get dumped in a bag. And I've been known to unpack and repack to make it all fit better. But remember, we are a family of 6 and I hate having to go to the store for anything we may have forgotten. So here is my list for my 1 child this weekend- Friday through Sunday.

3 pairs of jeans
6 shirts (layering)
1 pair of pajamas
4 pairs of underwear
4 pairs of socks
tennis shoes
coat and hat

Soap/ shampoo
Toothbrush/ toothpaste

DSi/ charger/ games (in the case)
2 books
notebook and pencil
Pillow and blanket for the truck

And what do I hope to actually come home from this trip-
At least one full outfit
DSi and accessories
extra money

I know my child and at least half of what I pack will be left at his great grandparents house. Which is fine because I will just get it when we go up in a couple of weeks. So if that is my list for one child going up there, can you imagine my list for when 6 of us go? Every child has an outfit for each day plus an extra one. Same for me and John. All the bathroom stuff plus my makeup and blowdryer/ hair stuff, and the other list is about 2 pages long. But I rarely forget to pack anything. Except when we have to go in a hurry. Then I forget stuff because I don't have time to make the lists. How do you pack? What works for you?

***Update- This above list turned into everyone in the family but our 2 year old. My husband's grandfather died as I was packing my son so I had to multiply all this times 5 plus funeral clothes. Lists are VERY good things.

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