Tuesday, January 22, 2013

God Sized Dreams- The Buddy System

Two are better than one. It is easier to get a big project done when you have someone to help you. Whether that means talking you through a crisis or just telling you that "you can do it". Encouraging someone else is an important thing in our lives. This past week's assignment from Holley was to find a buddy. Someone that you can confess your dream to and get encouragement. And I have 2. They are two separate parts of the same assignment. I have a buddy that I encourage and a buddy that encourages me. And I already love them both. They are both amazing women! There is Teri Lyn, whom I encourage and there is Aubrey, who encourages me. I am enjoying them both.Go by both their blogs and get to know them too. They are amazing women.  Who is your buddy? Why are they your buddy?

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  1. You've got some great buddies. So glad we're on the team together!

  2. Me too Holley! I am honored to be in a group with such great women. They are all so inspirational.