Tuesday, January 15, 2013

God Sized Dreams Week 2

This week we are talking about what one step we took in the last week towards our God's sized dream. My one step was to sign up to host an (In)RL meet up in my home on April 27th. I know that it wasn't a huge step and it wasn't a great step but we had an interesting week and weekend resulting in this being my step for the week. I am really excited. I am tossing around a couple of ideas about how I am actually going to do this but the main idea is that I am. I am hosting. It will be a small group with the idea being a retreat. A in town get away. Because I have always wanted to go to a conference and they are either not on a weekend I can go, too far away, or too expensive. And this one is FREE and I can attend AT HOME. No travel, no extra cost (except food and door prizes). You can sign up and go to. Click on the banner below. Sign up today. Find a meet up in your town or make your own. It can be just you or a group of people. The point is to go. To attend. To grow in God and in community.
So my small step this week was signing up for a conference where I can grow and I can encourage. What is your small step this week? 

Linking up today with Holley Gerth.



  1. Hi Laura, great to meet you. I've hopped over from Holley's page to read your post for today. It sounds as if you are making a great start in your goal to minister to and encourage other women.
    The conference should further grow your faith and confidence as well as provide support and encouragement for you as you share faith and friendship.
    I wish you well with this and the rest of your God-sized dream journey! Blessings in Him :)

  2. Yay for hosting (in)RL ... you will love it and all the women who join you will be truly blessed!!

  3. I am considering hosting, scared out of my mind.

  4. I went to one last year and I am considering hosting one this year as well! What a blessing you will be to the women that God brings into your home. I am so excited for you!