Thursday, February 14, 2013

Desperate- Chapter 8 and 9

We are half way there! Last week we only covered one chapter and this week we are going to finish out section 2. So let's jump right in!

Chapter 8-
Remember the Calgon commercials? Calgon take me away! As a stay at home mom with homeschooling and 4 boys I want to escape A LOT! I put it under that I really really want and need94 adult interaction but let's face it- I am escaping. I spend a lot of time on Facebook. And I mean a lot. I get on my Nook and disappear for a while just for quiet. I actually found myself cleaning my room (the catch all room for the entire house) last week just to be by myself. When I am overwhelmed or just crave adult conversation I escape. And to a certain degree that is good. I don't think that I would last long if I didn't. But sometimes our escapes border on or become avoidance. Avoidance of our children and giving them what they need and want. Also at times it becomes very selfish. Not in a good way. I am guilty of all of it. I admit it. (Like right now I am writing this post to avoid my 2 year old because it has been a HORRIBLE day. As in broken mugs and a broken month old Leappad2.) And for some reason I only have one quote highlighted in this chapter (perhaps because I am escaping conviction?). Sally Mae says on page 94, “I want to look back and know that I was an intentional mother doing everything I could to nurture the souls of my children. They need me; they need me in their reality.” And perhaps that is why is it the only quote highlighted. It is a conviction in itsself. Because I want to look back and feel that way but I not always in their reality. I am in a virtual one. So now after lunch I turn the computer off unless we are not done with school. I try to leave my phone alone for several hours unless it rings or I get a text. I only read my stuff before bed or during reading time with my kids. Starting this week we are going to have family reading time and take turns reading aloud from a book chosen by one of the boys. We are also going to start turning off the TV. We don't watch regular TV at our house. I watch Hulu once a week to catch up on my shows and we watch movies otherwise. And no electronic games except in designated times. There are changes coming to our house and implementing them has taken time because of schedules and stubborness. The scriptures for this chapter are Galations 6:7-9 and Matthew 9:36.

Chapter 9-
Housework- I hate it! Mainly because it is never done with kids and also because no matter what I am the only one doing it. (Something out that is seriously changing) I have quotes from this chapter!!!! So here we go!
-”Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy.” author unknown page 107
-”If you are not the cleaning type, then you are going to have to recognize that cleaning is a necessary, mundane task, and you may just need to buy yourself some pink glittery scrubbing gloves and get on with the work!” SM pg 107
-”When a mom complains and fusses as a regular way of life, it will inevitably go into the hearts of her children with great force.” SC pg 108 (I struggle here ALOT!!!!)
-”We can't get away with anything with our children.” SC pg 109
-”...a happy mom is a real gift to her children. A good attitude about work makes her children feel that she is glad that she is a mom and that she is thankful for her children.” SC pg 109
-”The attitude I adopt every day has the potential to affect the whole demeanor of my home. As the saying goes if mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy.” SC pg 110
-”Learn to be faithful and choose to be content.” SC pg 110
-”Find out for yourself what is the most confounding things in your own world are, and come up with a workable schedule, with solutions that suit your own hours and days.” SC pg 112
-”The constant stream of work will never really stop flowing; it will onl change and morph over time. Your home will never be perfect, but accepting housework challenges as a part of a normal life and embracing them as part of your regular rhythm will allow you to enjoy the people in your home. When you do, your children have the potential to remember home as a place of harmony and positivity.” SC pg 113

Proverbs 31: 17-18 and Proverbs 9:1-6 are the scriptures for this chapter.

We start section 3 next week!

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