Monday, February 25, 2013

Dreams Coming True is Inspiration to Others

Our assignment this week was to pick someone who has inspired us by reaching for their dreams. I really had a hard time coming up with this one. But not because of the reason you may think. Because it is such an emotional story for me. Have you seen the movie "The 5th Quarter"? I love this movie. But I also love this family. See I grew up in Powder Springs. I went to McEachern High School. We all knew these boys from football. Rachel is literally one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. The Abbate family dreamed that Luke's story would touch millions. And it has. The story is one that will touch even the hardest heart. Luke left football practice one day with some friends and was then killed in a car accident. The Abbate's decided to donate Luke's organs to save the life of others. After Jon returned to school he struggled with his brother's death and eventually decided to start playing football not only for himself but also for Luke. He changed his number and Wake Forest started calling the 4th quarter the 5th quarter. This family turned to God for healing and decided to tell their story to raise awareness not of drunk driving but of teenage reckless driving, of organ donation, and also to show the power of God in their lives. I watch the movie with tears streaming down my face everytime. I know these people. My heart aches with their loss. I am proud to know that a community I grew up in rallied together for this family when they needed them. I am proud to promote this movie with my heart behind it. If you haven't seen the movie I really want you to watch it. To find out more about it you can go here. And if you want to help them with furthering their dreams of using Luke's story to save others, you can visit The Luke Abbate 5th Quarter Foundation.  

Hug your children,love them, you never know when your last moment is. And consider being an organ donor. You can help save lives.


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  1. In my experience, God often plans His dream in our hearts during times of tragedy and loss. I am so sorry for this family and the loss they have endured. I pray that the story of their son will be used mightily by God for His purposes and glory.