Friday, February 15, 2013

Getting Organized- Closets

So I cleaned out my closet last week. It was kind of scary. I don't even know how I fit all that stuff in there! I took all the clothes out and went through them, same with the shoes, I have a couple (well 4) Rubbermaid boxes full of pictures and scrapbooking supplies waiting to be moved. And of course the lockboxes with all the important papers and flash drives with our backed up pictures. I sorted through the clothes and took out everything that was too small (I really wish I could say too big :() and packed them up in labeled Rubbermaids to go to the storage building and then went to hanging clothes back up. My husband HATES my system. Of course our clothes are divided up by person. But then it is jackets/sweaters, tops, pants/skirts, dresses and or suits. And unfortunately even with all I did get rid of we still have too many clothes to fit in our closet. But the majority of those were scrubs that I don't want to pack up or get rid of because who knows when I will need them. So right now they are draped over other rubbermaid boxes sitting waiting to be moved. I went through all of our shoes (you know how this goes you have 20 pairs and he has 3) and actually got rid of a few pairs and then put them back in paired up with the flip flops/ ballet flats/ Sanuks in a basket standing up. (You can never have too many shoes). And then in went the lockboxes (because where else would you keep them). Now you can kind of see what's in the closet. Not that it matters to John because he will still ask me if he has any clean pants instead of looking for himself. But it does make me feel a little bit better. I am ready for the bigger closet with more shelfing. But all in good time. What does your closet look like? How do you organize it to fit your needs?

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