Friday, February 1, 2013

Getting Organized in 2013

This week it is all about pantries. I just got back home from spending some time with my grandmother-in-law after my grandfather-in-law passed away. That is where this post is coming from. I don't have an actual pantry in our current home. We do in our new home we just haven't moved yet. But my cabinets are organized. All the green beans are in a row, all the canned stuff is in a row by what it is. Same for the boxed items and bottled items. So is my mother-in-laws. Mimi's not so much. Even she said it. She has to hunt for everything. That would drive me crazy on a daily basis. I like knowing where to find things. And I like being able to just open a door and see what I am running low on and need to get at the store. So while my cabinets/ pantry will never be in alphabetical order or anything they are at least organized by the item. And that is enough for me. How are your cabinets/pantries organized? I fully intended to have pictures for this post but my life had other plans. I will post pictures of my new pantry in a couple of weeks after we move in and it is all set up. Along with before and after pictures of each room. I am getting excited and seeing paint colors in my sleep.

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