Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting Organized- Moving

I am about to get ready to really pack up my house to move. Finally. 2 years in the making. And I am EXCITED! The part I am dreading to be honest is the packing of our current house and then unpacking it all in our new house. I mean seriously dreading it. But on the upside I do know some great tips for moving. And I will be fully utilizing every one of them. So here goes:

1. Clean out as you go. As you pack go ahead and throw stuff away. Do the same thing as you unpack. You will be surprised what all you will find to get rid of. As I am packing I have a trash bag, rubbermaid boxes for storage, boxes to be moved, AND a box for the consignment sale I am going to in a few weeks.

2. Label the boxes with what room they will go to. It will be much easier as you are taking things into the new house to just be able to take the right boxes straight to the right room and unpack it right there.

3. Organize as you unpack. Go ahead and put the clothes in the right drawers, hang it in the closet, and put it on the right shelf. You will be amazed how much easier it will be and how much more you will get rid of as you unpack. Think yard sale or Goodwill as you are unpacking. And let's face it if you haven't used it in a year (other then seasonal stuff) you can probably get rid of it.

4. Enjoy. As you are packing think about what you are moving. The memories and the milestones. It will be fun and a little sad. And as you unpack think of all the new memories that will be made in your new house.

Any suggestions anyone has I will greatly appreciate! 

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