Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Have a Confession......

I have a confession to make. I am not supermom. There I said it. Whew- what a relief! Now you all know that I am just like you! I can't do it all. And I don't expect myself too. And somedays I fail miserably. But I get up the next day and keep going. My sink is FULL of dishes and I haven't cooked supper all week but I have spent lots of time with my family. So I am okay with it. My house will never be spotlessly clean and I gave up on seeing the end of the laundry a LONG time ago. But my kids know that they are loved. I am not one of those get in the floor and play dress up with your kids moms (mainly because I have boys) but I do occasionally play legos and we do get out and play ball together. I have always read to them and therefore I cannot understand these 2 that don't like to read. And I seriously dislike cooking. I like to bake but I don't like to cook. Well I take that back. I like to cook I don't like the clean up that comes with it. But I will make tacos any night of the week that my kids ask for it. And as a homeschooling mom, I have days that I just don't want to do it. So we take a day off and make up the work the next day. And on those days we go have adventures. But I am definitely not a "teacher". And I accept that and we muddle on through. But spending all this extra time with my kids has benefited all of us. We are all growing as a family. And I am enjoying (90% of the time- 10% is fighting and whining) soaking up the ages that they are and the personalities that they have right now. And let's face I am getting time with them that I can't get back later. I accept my limitations and I actually am proud of them because back when I tried to be supermom- working full time, trying to keep a spotless house, and spend time with the kids and my husband- I was miserable. Once I accepted that something had to give for all of us to be happy and spend time with each other I gave and we are enjoying our lives so much more. My kids won't remember the state of our house when they get older but they will remember the memories that we are busy making. And that makes all of it worth it.

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