Monday, February 11, 2013

The Grammys

I did not watch the Grammys. I never do. And I certainly don't let my children watch them. I mean really, people need to cover up this is not your bedroom. That being said. I did look at pictures on People last night since I was up all night with the weather. Rhianna looked amazing (now she needs to dump the abusive Chris Brown and move on), Taylor Swift looked pretty, and so did Carrie Underwood. There were people who you just had to say "What universe are you in?" such as Adele (dearly love her but really that dressed looked like Mary Poppins magical bag), that girl who wore the green dinosaur looking dress, and Beyonce. And Faith Hill and Nancy O'dell need to remember their age and dress like it not like a teeanager. There were several questionable choices amongst the men as well. But since I only knew like 5 of them I couldn't even begin to say anything about them. I like that CBS put a dress code on it. The fact that some of these stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kelley Rowland think that they are above that is just a sign of the times. I have heard only good things about the performances and don't really know who won anything. But I did hear that Taylor Swift was singing along to every song and looked like she was having fun. Oh and of course she won. So that is my take on the Grammys as someone who did not watch it. I do appreciate the stars that followed dress code and covered up this year and shame on you the ones who didn't.

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