Tuesday, February 12, 2013

When saying "No" means saying "Yes" to something bigger


Do you ever feel like you are just too busy? Or that if you say no you will lose your friends? Do you even have time to work on your dream or something for yourself?

It might be time to start saying “no”. I went from full time to part time in my job last July to finally have my dream of being a stay at home mom. It came along with homeschooling which was never part of my dream but I was able to stay home with my boys. Two weeks ago my PRN job vanished with the closing of the hospital that I worked for. And I thought that it meant I would be home all the time with no side job until a phone call came. Asking my for 4 hours a week to finish out the school contract that our department held. Of course I said yes because these were my babies. It was the hardest part of leaving my job in July. It was the one thing still pulling on my heart this entire school year. And at least I am not giving up the dream of staying at home. And it doesn't take away from my dream of building this blog and encouraging you. At the same time I have been given the chance to join a service organization that I have been interested in for years but could never get in. But it is a huge time commitment and I am not sure I am ready for that. But if I say no now I won't get that chance again. And who knows what kind of doors it will open. Then there are several upcoming events at my church that I apparently have no excuse not to be part of since I don't work. (They still don't get that I homeschool and I am not just sitting around the house all day). But this week I finally said No. I have said no to several other job related opportunities lately too. They take so much time away from my children and my blog. I am commited to this blog 5 days a week and I have a new series starting as soon as I have all the details but I am not commiting anything past that right now. You guys need me at my best where I can encourage you. Where I can give you what you need but that won't happen if I don't take some time off. And since my goal is to be a good mom and encourage you to do the same and to also stay on this road where I walk with God everyday and encourage you on your road I need to not have such a heavy load that I give up. Saying “no” is hard. There are some amazing opportunities that I may never get back but you have to do what's best for you and your dream. I am also about to start trimming down my Facebook groups. I realized today that being a part of 20 groups is really not in my best interest because I cannot give them the time that I need to to really be involved. So later today I am going to start leaving some groups. There are my 2 Core groups that I will not be leaving- God Sized Dreams and Marriage and Mommyhood but there are several others that I never post on and they are just there. I can let them go and I can give more of me somewhere else. I am starting to say no.

Can you say no? Do you know how? My children joke that it is my favorite word with them. But I don't say it enough everywhere else. Learn with me. Saying “no” might actually be saying “yes” to building your dream.

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  1. Good for you, saying no to that almost-right-for-you job so you can have the much-better-for-your-dreams time in your life!! Great to meet you through Holley's link up. Blessings, sister!