Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where do you get your community fix?

Community is important. Having friends to talk to and lean on is essential in everyone's lives. So here's the question- where do you get your community fix? Is it with a Facebook group, at work, at a monthly group meeting? I want to know. I find community with a couple of Facebook groups, at a monthly painting "class", at church, and at a monthly ladies group meeting. And sometimes that is enough. Remember I am a stay at home mom who also homeschools. So I don't have the work community anymore. I still keep in touch with my co-workers and we still meet up sometimes but it is not daily anymore. So Facebook has become my community fix. Let's face it- 4 little boys will not cut it for interactions for a mom. I also have two blogs. I feel like  I am too "plugged" in some days though. I do take the weekends to be unplugged (mostly) but sometimes it isn't that easy. My children are part of the K12 school system so we are on the computer a lot during the day hence the great amount of time that I spend on Facebook. Twitter is okay but it really just does nothing for me except Wise Guy Si from Duck Dynasty. I love his tweets. I need ideas on how to get a daily community fix without spending so much time on Facebook and other social media sites. So now it's your turn. Any ideas????????

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