Friday, March 29, 2013

"Broken" - Five Minute Friday

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I fall to my knees with tears streaming down my face. I can't take much more. My heart is breaking over and over again. I'm not allowed to talk about it. It is a banned topic in our house. Broken friendships, broken relationships that keep rearing their pasts and presents in my face. I miss the ease that was before and I cry for the rough that is the now. Do they know how broken they have left us? Do they even care? The only person left to take it to is God. Beg for healing of hearts and minds. Beg for forgiveness to come. Beg for peace of mind. Because "broken" is what we have become. God will mend. God will put it back together. And through the cracks we will still shine for him. But we will forever be broken. 

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  1. praying for peace this weekend...that in the midst of your brokenness you will begin to experience the healing of Easter
    (tracking here via FMF)

  2. I love how you said that we can still shine through the's how He brings beauty from broken. Beautiful post, Laura. Praying you have a blessed Easter!

  3. "I miss the ease that was before and I cry for the rough that is the now." I love this line. Many believe that as Christ followers our life will be easy but it isn't. Yet, we know that we can take it to Him. (Linking from FMF)