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"Desperate"- Chapter 12 and 13

First of all let me apologize about missing this post last week. We got over a foot and a half of rain in 3 days and our septic tank just couldn't handle it so we were not home and making sure that I had my wireless card was one of the last things on my mind. So rather than double up we are just going to act like last week didn't happen :). This week we are talking about Chapter 12- Living on Purpose and Chapter 13- The Art of Life.

Chapter 12-

I really find it funny that I only highlighted one quote from this chapter because it is really a great chapter. We all start out a project with good intentions. This includes parenting. When you are pregnant you have all the intentions in the world to read to your child every night from day one, to pray with your child multiple times a day, and to be that parent that doesn't raise their voice to their children. And then reality sets in. You miss one night of reading and somehow it justs gets swept to the side, or you are so busy that you forget to pray with your child before school one morning. And then your child acts a fool in the store or in your kitchen and you lose it. You raise your voice. Like I said we all start out with good intentions. And Sarah Mae says on page 143, “good intentions don't lead to a life well-lived; a life well lived is accomplished when we walk each day in faith.” We have to keep a tight hold on our faith and walk the walk each day to really make an impression on our children. They aren't going to fail reading because you didn't read to them every night (at least mine haven't yet). And if you have prayed with your children before more then likely they pray on their own eveyday anyway. So, I'm not saying make a habit of it, but realize that you are giving a lasting impression with how you live. We have to intentionally live our lives as moms to where our children can take the reigns every once in awhile when we forget or mess up. Believe me, my 4 boys have taught me that. My two year old will pray before every meal and several times a day just from watching his older brothers and from us praying with him. He loves his Bible storybook. And he loves going to “school” each day with his brothers and feels like he is learning something just because we intentionally sit him at the table while we are doing school everyday. And I am certainly not supermom but my children know their Bible books and several other things because I intentionally work on them every day. And my children know how far to push it each day so that I am yelling just because they think it is funny. But they know that I love them. And believe me I do. I am sitting at my 6 year olds baseball practice in 35 mph wind in a t-shirt and no hat because I was too busy making sure he had his. Live intentionally. Make a list of the most important things to you to teach your children and then intentionally do that. Don't worry about good intentions gone bad. Just intend.

Verses for this chapter are:
Proverbs 14:1; Proverbs 31:27-29; 1 Corinthians 10:31

Chapter 13-

Living is an art. And it is a thing of beauty. Those day to day duties (that if you are at my house means backed up laundry and dishes in the sink right now), the fussing between siblings, and the worry over getting there on time. That is art. Sarah Mae says “I think sometimes we as mamas forget, or lose sight of our childrenbecause we get so caught up in our duties as mothers.” (pg 158). I agree. We do. We forget that they need us to spend time with them while we are busy looking at that sink full of dishes or that living room that desperately needs to be cleaned. We tend to make a clean house a priority over spending time with them. But guess what, “we have grace” (SM pg 158). Our children like God will forgive us and love us anyway. And if you are lucky they will actually help you do the work so that you can spend more time with them. Everyday is a gift from God and more importantly as mamas, our children are a gift from God. Treat them like that.
Sally Clarkson had several quotes highlighted in her section that I felt were important so I am going back to the “list”.
-”To me, one of the beautiful graces of a strong woman is the ability to see the true value of her own life and the lives of her children, and to celebrate them every day as Jesus did.” (pg 162)
  • “If every morning you look at your childas a gift from God, a blessing that has bestowed today, and thank Him for that blessing, you will approach your children with love, patience, and grace.” (pg 162)
  • “If we cannot find a way to substitute an addictive, virtual faux-reality for the opportunity to build intimacy and shared joy in the lives of our children, we will never pass on to them the concept that God is loving, present, intimate, and responsive.” (pg 163)
  • “I had to behave as though I loved and cherished my children even when the feelings were weak and hidden. Learning to be patient and really listen to themwhen I was exhausted was a commitment I had made long before finding myself in such a situation.” (pg164)
  • “Children see through the lack of integrity of a mom as they grow older. If a mom is not living out her words of love by giving love, her children will learn to not believe her words. It is so vitally important that we live with intergrity by choosing to worship God in front of our children through all the moments of our days. Celebrating God and all his His attributes as well as His blessings creates a winsome energy that fuels a child's own desire to follow hard after God. When a mom practices seeing the miracles and joy of God's own making in all the moments of her day, a child will hunger after the same heart attitude.” (pg 164)
The verses for this chapter are:
Proverbs 24:3-4 and Psalm 19:1.

We finish up our study next week and I already have the next book picked out so I will announce it next week and we will start it 2 weeks after that.

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