Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Guilt- Free- Marriage and Mommyhood

Lose the guilt people! Lose it! 

Easier said then done right? Okay. Well here's the deal. You need to. I need to. We need to spend time EVERYDAY reading the Bible and refreshing our soul. I know that we are taking all of these prompts for the book "Desperate" but in Jill Savage's book "Real Moms, Real Jesus" she says to put a Bible in the bathroom and read it while you are in there. Great idea. I normally have about 2 seconds before there is a 2 year old coming to sit on my lap because "I need him to hold me". But you know what, I can read with him in my lap. And I am not a sit in the bathroom forever person but if it takes that then I can be. I can put a Bible in front of me during school time instead of talking on Facebook while the boys are doing Math. I can be more intentional with telling the boys they have to leave me alone so that I can spend time reading my Bible. I need to be more intentional about telling my husband I need to get away for a few minutes when the days have turned into too much (like by the end of midnight and 4-12 shift). I need to take time for me. I try to do this once a month but I normally end up cancelling my plans because someone else wants to do something. I have to stop. And I need to not feel guilty for asking for that time from the boys. And I may need to have a come to Jesus meeting with my mother who constantly tells me that asking for "me" time is selfish and makes me a bad mom. You need to let all that go. 

And I think that sometimes guilt is an excuse not to do something. Confession time- I really need to lose some weight. But in order to exercise I would literally have to be up at 5 A.M.. And I tell myself I can't do that because I will wake someone up or if I want to go walk/run that I ask myself what happens if one of them wakes up and I am not there. Because most mornings my husband is still at work. And I hate leaving my 12 year old in charge even when everyone is sleeping. I feel guilty for asking him to do that. So what do I do- I don't exercise and the scale stays the same.  

I do the same thing with Bible reading. If I have a book or my Nook in my hand my 2 year old will come ask me to read to him. So I normally put down my book and read whatever he has brought to me. I really should just put him in my lap and read him the Bible passage I was trying to read or ask him to give a couple of minutes and him "read" by himself so that I can finish. But for some reason that 2 year old can make me feel guilty for doing any of the above but reading what he brought me. We both can get so much more if I either ask him to wait or read the passage to him. 
So do you use guilt as an excuse? What makes you feel guilty? 

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