Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Joy in the Dream

Joy is a funny thing. I search for it daily and sometimes I just can't find it. But after hearing Sarah's story last year at In(RL) I can't help but look for joy and choose joy in every situation.

Choosing to see the joy in this space that I have created no matter how I feel at the moment is uplifting and life affirming. There is joy in every dream. There is joy in writing even if no one else ever reads it. There is joy in being surrounded by my children all day even if I have to search for it at times. There is always joy. A small comment made on a post from someone you have never met. Or a comment left on my Facebook page letting me know this space does make a difference. I am choosing to have joy.
 photo 3871305908-11_zps92a6730f.jpgFrom constant reminders around the house to pictures edited with those words. Joy is apart of our lives now. I even have a wishlist of items that reinforce that concept and will serve as reminders. Like this pillow from Dayspring. It is on my wishlist of items this year. And I will at some point make that happen. There is joy in reading a book and saying to myself, "I need to share this with my readers." Because there is joy in knowing that I have a couple of them. There is joy in getting a new assignment from Holley each week and knowing that I have a whole team of sisters who are dreaming along side of me. There is joy in that. There is joy in sharing each post with you and linking up. I am choosing to find those joys in everyday writing. There is joy in encouraging others everyday. Knowing that by sending a card or an email you are somehow putting a smile on their face. There is joy in seeing others succeed with their dreams. There is joy in knowing that you are doing what God wants you to do and that he is there with you in the journey.
And there is joy in the fact I have finally figured out how to schedule a post.

Where do you see joy in your dreams?

By the way below is my greatest joys:

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  1. What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing the video it was awesome. You and your words and thoughts are awesome and inspiring.

  2. LOVE this picture!! Choosing Joy changes everything. There are so many people and things that give us joy if we just take the time to recognize it. Blessings to You!

  3. I wrote about Sara today, too...she impacted a lot of lives, and I still think of her often. There is JOY everywhere, if we take the time to look for it! Thank you for this...blessings, friend! :)