Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mommy Friends? Um Where Do You Find Those?

I really do know what mommy friends are y'all- don't worry. But as a stay at home mom in an area where everyone works it is really hard to have them on a meaningful level. It's funny- when I worked I had those relationships and girls nights out and all. Now that I stay home- not so much. My husband does try to make it possible for me to go out once a month to a local art studio where I meet up with friends but it just isn't the same. And since Twilight is over and done with- I miss my movie date with a very dear friend. But I actually have relationships with moms online who stay at home like I do. They may be all over the country but we can chat and I don't feel the pressure to be perfect. And I still have mom friends here in town- our meet ups have just become a church or recreation department thing instead of planned time with no kids. And that is okay for this season in my life. The older my children get the more time I will have for girls night out and the such. But with a shift working husband and small children right now is not that season.
You really do need to have mommy friends- either online or in person. No one else is ever going to understand what sleep deprivation and sick children really mean. Not even a dad. We have to be there for each other and keep each other strong. Don't ever underestimate that mommy friend. Look around at your local playgrounds, at the ball parks, at the school, and at your church. You will find them. Be intentional about it. Don't stalk them but keep trying. Make sure that you put an effort into and that they see you really want to be friends. Especially if you are and an introvert like me. You have to come out of that shell. It will be okay even if you are rejected you will find someone. In the famous words of Dori- "Just keep swimming". There are a lot of mommies out there and you will find your match I promise.
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