Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Real Moms...Real Jesus"- Intro and Chapter 1

Thanks for joining me for our second book club/study. I am really excited about this book. I really debated between this book and "Sparkly, Green Earrings" (which I highly recommend) but this just seemed to be the better one for a club/study. Jill Savage really does a great job in this book.  So we are going to dive right in.

The "Introduction" for this book really isn't an introduction. It is a section called "Perspective" that is at the end or beginning of each chapter depending on how you look at it. So even though it is not a formal introduction, I completely related to it. It never fails that if I wake up really early and try to take advantage of that quiet time, a child is going to join me. And until this book, I had never thought to compare Jesus' life to that of a mother and yet now it makes so much sense. But right off the bat in this section she points out Jesus "was interrupted as he went about his daily activities" (pg 15). Jill Savage calls motherhood "the ministry of availability" and reminds us that "ministry for Jesus was the person standing in front of him" (pg 16). Remember you are in high demand and so was Jesus.

Chapter 1-
This chapter starts off with the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet as a lesson in servitude- John 13:12-15. Savage then introduces servant leadership- leading and teaching through serving others. "The profession of motherhood is about meeting the needs of others, caring for them physically, emotionally, and relationally. It requires a giving heart, a selfless spirit, and a strong sense of identity to serve generously" (p 18). As moms we serve others from the time we wake up til the time we go to bed. We never stop. And we teach as we go. We teach our kids through acts of kindness, acts of self reliance, and through acts of self control. We teach them to read by reading to them and then later by reading with them. We are programmed to be teachers. "They say with kids more is caught than taught. What they see us do is far more important than what we tell them to do.... they 'catch' our good and our bad" (pg 19). This is more true than I actually like to admit. And for the life of me I don't understand why they pick up more of the bad then the good. Jesus led by example and by saying. In other words he practiced what he preached. He gave us "do as I say" and "do as I do".
"He gave himself completely, but he balanced the serving he did with allowing others to serve him, as well. It's a pattern set for us to follow" (pg 23). Jesus shows us how to handle the high demand we are in. "His strategies included prayer and knowing how to find quiet moments in the midst of the chaos" (pg 26). Take time to yourself for reading the Bible and praying whenever you can. Pray while washing dishes and definitely before responding in anger and frustration the hundredth time your name is called. Just remember to balance it all out.

~Read Matthew chapters 1-4 while looking for a side of Jesus you have never seen before.~

Scriptures for these chapters are :
Hebrews 4:15-16
Hebrews 3:1-2

In the comments tell us what you found the most empowering from these chapters, your thoughts on these chapters, or what you found in Matthew 1-4.

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