Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Walking Dead

I am going to admit that my husband dragged me into this show. And I enjoy it. Which really shocked me and him. It just wasn't one of those shows we wanted to watch. And there are some really good lines in there. Like the one in particular that has just stuck with me from season 2. Hershel says to Rick- "I knew that one day God would resurrect the dead but I didn't know this was how he was going to do it." So here is my question- if one day you woke up and "walkers" were all around you what would you do? I have to admit that my first concern would be protecting my children. But I have wondered since hearing this line- what is this was the way it happened? Would we really be doing the right thing by re-killing all of these people. (I am absolutely not saying that I think this is what is going to happen- I don't) Or should we stay put, holed up in a highly protected area, and pray our way through it. Either way I see a lot of praying going on. I just wonder how our world would react. Especially if the current administration gets it's way and completely unarms us. Then I also think to myself that this is not what God's will would look like. I just don't see our God creating a bunch of zombies and setting them lose on people to eat them. But I don't know what his will really looks like. He could create the zombies and do this.

What are your thoughts? What would you do?


  1. I hate to admit it but my husband has me watching it too. He DVRs it and then we watch it when we can. I have been told by my husband and 9 year old that they will take care of me if it happens. :-) I guess the good thing is that my husband and sons like to go shooting. They actually buy the zombie targets. I agree with you that if our current administration has their way, we will really have a problem if this happens.

    1. Well fortunately for me I can take care of myself. I am just not sure if I would want to. I wouldn't want to be a zombie for sure but I would not want my children to have to live in a world like that one at all.