Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To Have The More- You Have to Have Less- Well Sometimes

"A God-sized dream isn’t about what you do as much as how you do it. It’s about pursuing life with passion, purpose, and going with God wherever he leads.
It’s about not settling. It’s about tenaciously believing you’re made for more.
Not as in “bigger house, fancier car, more luxurious lifestyle.”
No, my friend, I mean “more of Jesus, more of what he’s created you to be, more of what he’s called you to do.”
Less of you, actually, and more of all he is and all he has for you—which is beyond what you can even imagine."- Holley Gerth- "You're Made For A God Sized Dream"

What would it take for you to have more joy, more peace, more faith? Would it be less stress, less fighting, or less worldly influences? Have you ever noticed that when you want more of something you have to have less of something else? But what if that exchange gave you what you didn't bargain for? Would you still do it?
 I wanted more time with my children and less stress in my life- so I quit my full time job. But you know what- yes I have way more time with my children and less stress in some areas but we also have less income so there is more stress in other areas. I didn't bargain on the added stress of being at home with my children all the time. And believe me I have a whole new respect for teachers with this homeschooling journey. And I am actually in the process of questioning whether to send them back to public school next year. If I do, then I have more time for my dream and for getting the house clean. But then again, we pulled them out for a reason. And though that reason really does not seem good enough right this second, it was a good one at the time. And in an already tight budget, it will be harder to send them. But no matter what I will still have more time with them. And I will actually get more time with my 2 year old because he still goes somewhere 3 days a week so that we can get more school work done.
Yes, to get more of something you will have to have less of something else. But you can also increase what you are trying to get rid of in ways you didn't bargain for. Are you willing to do that? I was, and I continue to be. So what do you want more of? What are you going to have less of to get the more?


Since it was mentioned in the comments I thought I would add the video to Casting Crowns- "already There". Thanks Christine. 


  1. Oh, those questions that run through our minds. It reminds me of that song that's fairly new by Casting Crowns, "Already There" (I think it's called?). Maybe you've heard it? It's about how God knows exactly how our lives will play out. I've been noticing it comes on at the exact right times lately (or maybe every time is a right time lately - ha!) : )

    1. I haven't heard of it but I will go look it up now. I love them!

    2. I added the video once I found it. Thanks Christine!

  2. I have struggled with the same thing. Praying for strength and clarity sweet sister!