Monday, March 4, 2013

"You're Made For A God Sized Dream"- A review

I'm an Aunt!!!! Of a gloriously, brilliant book! We have been talking about this book all year and it is FINALLY here! Holley Gerth's new book "You're Made For A God Sized Dream" was released on Friday, March 1! (I know I am a few days late- too much rain and a septic tank don't mix) This book was handed to me at the perfect time in my life and I am so very thankful for her (oh yes, she is Holley's baby girl). It seems like I hit every chapter right when I needed it and no matter what I always found what I needed in it. From Holley encouraging you to listen to the small whispers in your soul and those crazy midnight dreams to her walking you through the process, this book is all encompassing. And because "God sized dreamers trust his love" (page 62), there is always the reminder to take it to our Father and seek his guidance.  He is the one giving you this dream and no matter what he will provide. So go out TODAY and buy this book. And is you can't go out get it at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. You don't just want this book in your life- you NEED this book in your life. A dreamer or not this book is for you.

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