Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mom vs. Mom

We all do it. We compare ourselves to other moms everyday. And to make it worse, others compare us too. All mom's are definitely not created equal. That mom over there is a great cook but a horrible housekeeper, the mom next to her is a great housekeeper but a lousy cook, and the other one is horrible at cooking and housecleaning but she is great at creative play and her kids were reading by the age of 3. We ALL have strengths and weaknesses. Me- well let's see- I make great Taco Pie and Spaghetti (don't tell my boys that the sauce is from a jar), I encourage reading and writing but don't come to me for help in math, cleaning is not my strong point but I love to decorate, and I have a very low patience level. I am not a great mom, but neither is the one that we all try to compare ourselves to. Because she is hiding her weaknesses from us. And you know what- she's not the mom for your children. You are. That's why we can't compare each other. God created YOU to be the mom YOUR CHILDREN need YOU to be. Not the mom the neighbors kids need. And though you may be the fun mom in the group- those other kids need the strengths given to their moms to make it through. I often joke with my husband that if we ever won the big game that the third thing I would do is hire a cook and a housekeeper. Housekeeper everyday and cook once a week to make freezer meals for us. Those are not my strengths. But being at every school event possible (when they went to public school), being at every sporting event I can, reading together, watching movies together, and going shopping- that's where I am great. And I accept that. I try to do better in other areas I do but I have given up comparing myself to others- now if only my mom would quit comparing me to every mom she knows.

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