Friday, April 12, 2013

Praying for Your Church and a Review.

I am incredibly honored to be able to call Teri Lynne Underwood my friend. She has a book our (available on Amazon) titled Prayers From The Pews: the Power of Praying for Your Church. I actually had this book on my Wishlist before I met Teri Lynne and after I met her I had to buy it. I often become frustrated with my home church for a variety of reasons. I love every person there and we are truly a family (we are a small congregation). That leaves very little room to rock the boat when something is frustrating you. And although I often pray for the members of our church I rarely pray for the church (little "c") itself. And I really need to, we all do. And when I really look at what is frustrating me at the church, I realize "the problem with the church is me" (pg 51). I don't mean that I am causing problems, I mean that I am not willing to speak up or do what needs to be done, or in a bigger since that I am dealing with my own insecurities in a certain area. I like to find the problems in others but not in myself and finding this thought in the book floored me. Because while I do like to point out what's wrong I don't want to take the ownership of them to solve the problem. Praying for our churches and the members is essential. And I will admit that I don't like the answers to the following questions:

1. "Would [Jesus] have rejected joining with my church and instead formed His own church?" (pg 58)

2. "Are you spending more time talking about being the church or more time doing what Jesus actually did?" (pg 59)

This book asks the tough questions and then points out the importance of praying for the church, it's members, and our frustrations and concerns. So if you have ever been or are frustrated with your home church, you should go out and get a copy of this book. The message is in the title: Prayers for the Pews: The Power of Praying for Your Church.

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  1. Oh sweet friend, thank you. For being an encouragement in my life and for sharing your heart so beautifully on this topic. Loving the church can be the hardest thing we do as believers, I really believe that. But oh how beautiful it is when we do it!