Thursday, April 4, 2013

Real Moms, Real Jesus- Chapters 2 and 3

Have you ever met an SEC fan? I don't care what team in the SEC. Do you know what we have that other fans don't? We are die hard fans. It doesn't matter what happens in the season with any sport, we support our team. That is what comes to my mind when reading the start of chapter 2 while Savage is talking about a football game. That is how faith should look. We should be on fire for Jesus and God just like we are about our SEC team. We are devoted with passions indescribable to those teams and we should have that for our Savoir and our Father. And you know that hole in your life Jan ---> September when college football is in the off season that we try to fill with other sports and hobbies? Just like that hole, there is a "God shaped hole in each our hearts...We are always trying to fill it in" (pg27). And by filling it with anything other than God "we build an idol- a false God in our life" (pg28). We look to food, T.V., sports, etc to fill us up when really what we need to do is pick up the Bible and fill our heart with God's word. To develop a true worship. "True worship is a God- attitude of the heart" (pg30).

"Jesus' life was an act of worship" (pg30). And his life strengthens us. Savage gives us two ways on pages 30-31, "First Jesus lived in a world that was hostile to him and what he was trying to accomplish. At every turn He had someone questioning his identity and calling him a liar. As mothers, we too live in a hostile environment today. It's an anti-family, anti-God world of moral relativism and decaying family values. Jesus knows what it feels like to be swimming upstream against a strong current! He lived it. His success laid the path for our success.
Second, we know that Jesus struggled with the reality of what God was asking him to do. He knew he was sent to save a lost world, but he also knew that required his physical torture and then painful death. Even in the Garden of Gethsemane, right before he was arrested and ultimately sent to the cross, he said, 'My father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me' (Matthew 26:29)."

No, our lives as moms cannot compare to what Jesus bore for us but he understands when our cup is running over and we are feeling overwhelmed. And as moms we can worship him through that overflowing cup. We need to put a smile on our faces and count our blessings. We need to find Him in our daily lives. We can do it. Somedays it may be hard while others it will be the easiest thing you do all day. But worship him. Teach your children to worship him.  "We praise God- we worship Him- by putting him first in our hearts and our minds. And when we do that, our attitude is the first thing to change" (pg 32).

You know as a mom that you cannot go to the bathroom alone. EVER. I normally have about 10 seconds if no one sees me before the knob is turning or hands are under the door with the little voice of my two year old looking for me. OR that is when there is something vitally important that an older child "has to have help" with. I have learned to lock the door if I absolutely need a break for 30 seconds. We need to take whatever we can get to breathe and regain some perspective.

The start of chapter 3 is something that we all know. That dreaded anticipation of shots. (I don't tell my children it's that day until the nurse comes in the door with it). The fear leading up to it is so much worse than the shot. And I normally don't have the patience by the time the shot gets there to be calm and loving about the fear (normally we have been there through at least two children). And when my children pull something big my initial reaction is to blow up. I normally have to walk away until I can talk about it without yelling. I am just not a patient person by nature. I am one who reacts first, thinks later. That is something that I am working on. It will build my relationship with my children better to be calm and loving instead of mad and not listening. We all mess up and we need to remember that when talking to our children. That is why we have Jesus.

As a mom, we are always in high demand. It never fails. Bathroom breaks, Ladies Day at church, or you just started cleaning the oven and here they come. With thousands of questions or wanting to be held. This is normally the blow up time. But we need to step back. Ask them to give you a few minutes. Or to sit and talk while you finish what you are doing. Or if you have to be somewhere asking them if it is absolutely the only time to talk about it or can it wait until you get back. Breathe first, take the calm approach. You won't always be in high demand.

The Bible reading for these chapters is Matthew 5-9.

Scriptures are:
Mark 1:35
Phillipians 4:13

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