Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Real Moms. Real Jesus"- Chapters 4 and 5

I love how Savage compares motherhood to a profession in chapter 4. That one thought can really change your outlook. Because we all want to climb that corporate ladder at our "jobs"-you know the ones that pay with real money- but we tend to be happy with average at home. If I approach motherhood the same way I used to approach my paying job it would make a huge difference. I would approach it with a different purpose other than just raising my boys. I would go a little further than "average" each day just taking that extra step.

But even taking that extra step, we need to keep in mind that "we can't do everything" (pg 54). We need to set boundaries with out time just like we would at work. I am a licensed physical therapist assistant (just not practicing). When I was practicing I had a schedule. The patient's had to fit in that blocked off time. Documentation had it's time and did travel between facilities. I had much better time management than I do now that I stay home with my children. We need to set boundaries with our time and with our commitments. I have noticed since staying at home that people think that I have a lot of time on my hands. They seem to forget that I also homeschool. I am not just at home with my children going to school during the day giving me a lot of free time. So I personally pick and chose the commitments I make. And I have yet to feel guilty about saying no. Because you know what- Jesus said no. He said no to people who would take him away from his higher purpose. He said no to people who wanted him to do more than he was able and still give what he needed to give on this earth. He said no without guilt. We can too. Savage gives several great strategies in chapter 4 for how to do this.

In chapter 5, Savage talks about sacrifice. As mothers we sacrifice all the time. We sacrifice time, material items, and even our bodies. We always put at least one person on this earth first- or in my case four. We have to. It is part of the job description no matter how you became a mom. And you know who understands this better than anyone. He gave the ultimate sacrifice when he died on the cross for us. But even Jesus knew that you had to balance sacrifice with self care. We need to take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically so that we can keep going. You aren't going to be able to serve your children's needs running on empty.

The reading for these chapters in Matthew 10-13.

The scriptures are:
Matthew 11:28
Proverbs 22:6

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