Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Serving- a Marriage and Mommyhood post

This picture was taken at a local health fair in 2011. All of the above ladies worked at our hospital. That man is Scott Rigsby. He is a Iron Man. He has thrown himself into speaking and encouraging others with his story. The point all of us served that day. We did free blood pressures and vital signs. We did free cholesterol and PSA screens. We talked about the importance of exercise for healthy lives. We encouraged with stories of tragedy turned into triumph. We served. I was always the one in the department to work the health fair. It was always on a Saturday. But we served the community that day when some of them wouldn't have been checked otherwise. My children have always known why I worked the health fairs. To serve others. My job back then was to serve others. My job now is to serve my children. And my children serve others as well. They hold doors open when we go somewhere, they help to pick things up at the church in the nursery, they actually go help clean the church yard and building on Saturdays. They know to serve. We haven't gotten into the "big" serving talks with all of them, just the oldest. But we teach them to serve by example. We lead them to serve. And they follow through and serve when we least expect it.

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