Monday, April 15, 2013

"Taylor's Gift"- a Review

I am going to warn you- you will need lots of kleenex when reading this book. This is the story of a 13 year old girl who's life was tragically cut short while skiing with her family on spring break. Her family decided to donate her organs so that Taylor's death would have a profound effect on people. Then they started the Taylor's Gift Foundation. The foundation is there to raise awareness for organ donation. Only 4 of every 10 adults is registered as an organ donor. And even if you register when you get your driver's license you might not be on the state registry. So if your family doesn't know your wishes and your driver's license can't be found then they won't donate your organs. But if you are on the state list it will show up at the hospital and everyone will know your wishes. If you don't know if you are on the list you can check that on the foundation's website too.

This book chronicles the emotional journey that Taylor's parents embark on after her death and the far reaching effects of their daughter's death. You meet the donors and see the difference that Taylor's organs made in their lives. This book is beautifully written and raises awareness for a great need in this country. Through tragedy there is light.

One more thing about organ donation. I am not an organ donor on my driver's license for several reasons. But I am about to change that. My family all knows that my wishes state that I will be one if something happens but I also realize that after reading another book (fiction- Karen Kingsbury's "Coming Home") that if my entire family was in a wreck and no one was able to tell the doctor's that I wanted to donate, it would not happen. So my plea to you is to follow this family's example. Register as an organ donor today. Make sure it is on your driver's license and on the state registry.

If you would like to donate to Taylor's Gift you can visit their website at
You can also buy the book here:

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