Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When you take a week off....

So this week's assignment was to sit quietly and listen. Well I haven't had the chance to sit quietly and listen because of deadlines, yard work, and school. But I did listen. And I listened well. Recently I have become obsessed with numbers. The number of page views, the number of comments, and the number of people (not) signed up for my newsletter. And it has become a distraction. So I am not looking at numbers anymore. And I am taking a bit of a break from so much "prompt" writing. Next week is our state testing with school so all my post will be written by the end of this week and scheduled to post. It will also bring the end to this session with my (In)RL group. And in a couple of weeks the book club will end. SO here are the plans through the summer. As commitments end I will not be looking for new ones until the fall. So posting will most likely not be 5 days a week. And there will be heartfelt writing and lots of book reviews. That is what listening brought me this week. Have you listened this past week. What did you hear?

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