Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pray it Forward- A God Sized Dream Post

SO this past week I have been painting and planning and painting somemore ( more in another post). And since there is no electricity hooked up at our new house yet I really have a lot of praying time on my hands (including that I don't fall off the ladder or the counter). So since I really haven't been doing anything outside of renovating for the past couple of weeks I am praying it forward. I am praying for my fellow Dream Teamers, I am praying for my kids, for friends who are on a mission trip in the Philippines right now, and for all these sweet babies my friends are having. There have been a lot of prayers going up from my house. And since that is all the paying it forward I have time for right this second (please let me have time for actual action within a few weeks) that is how I am paying it forward today and tomorrow and yesterday. And everyday until I finish this massive project. I love my DREAM TEAM by the way! They are awesome checking on me and praying with me and for me especially these past couple of weeks. Amazing women!  Photobucket

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