Friday, May 24, 2013


This past school year was a year of first for our entire family. We homeschooled with a cyber academy here in Georgia. It has been a trial in patience and virtues that we don't normally possess.  I have learned a whole new respect for teachers, a greater understanding of my children, and a new understanding of limits. For all those stay at home mommies who have clean houses (without another person coming in to do it), endless patience, and do cool crafty things with your kids everyday- GREAT JOB! That is so not me. I am doing good to get through all the school work for the day and get one meal cooked let alone three. And the cleanest my house has ever been was the day before we moved in (earlier this week). And by 3 o'clock everyday I am ready to run back to work and leave my kids behind.

And this path month of painting, pulling up carpet, and moving has been an eye opener in how much stuff we own. I have been very prejudice about what is being moved over (the joy of only moving across the yard). And I am throwing stuff out left and right. Today we move some more furniture and more clothes. And furniture has taught me exactly how strong I am.

So just a few reflections on the past year and month. Now I have to go charge my camera and move some more stuff. I am going to my first high school graduation since my own 13 years ago tonight.

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