Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Behind the Scenes- Mud

So I am going to be honest and this was not the first time I caught these two playing in a mud puddle and captured pictures like this. But they are boys. And apparently this is what you call “helping Mom in the yard”. This was taken mid-April when I was franically working in our yard to get it ready for our new house to be moved in. I had worked in the yard by myself for days in the rain and this day the boys asked to help me. I said sure and handed them trashbags to pick up trash from all the piles of grass I raked up while cutting small patches of really overgrown grass and weeds. And I went back to work with my earbuds in and with complete concentration so that I would meet my goal for that day. 5-10 mins later I come back to where I left them and this is what I found. No trash picked up, no helping Mom done at all except to add to my laundry pile that never ends. And honestly at this point there was no reason to tell them to stop. I think they played in the mud for a couple of hours before their Dad came home and made them go clean up. The pure joy on their faces was worth it. And believe me I was angry and frustrated at first. But looking back- they had fun, they were being boys, and they will always remember it. So it may have been just a little bit worth the break I took to take this picture. Maybe ;) And I am not sure why I can't get the image to rotate. But since I am having technical issues with the blog today I am going to let it go. At least it is on here right?


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  1. If it makes you feel any better, teenagers I've taught have had the same reaction to a good mud puddle! Maybe kids have it right. Play in the mud puddles ('cause it's free) rather than spend big bucks at a spa where they cover you in mud AND make you pay money! A child-like spirit and wonder at the world around us is a cheaper way to clean out our pores ;).