Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Behind the Scenes- Performing

SO my husband took this picture because I was in the front. And apparently standing up or moving to make sure you get the picture was not in his agenda. Either way. This picture looks like everyone is doing what they were supposed to do. Holding up their signs and saying their memory verse. Well not so much. We had to re-position everyone 10 times since of course these 6 children are between the ages of 2 and 4. And you see that green sign? That is the only child who said their memory verse. Everyone else just looked at us like we were crazy. But we had fun and now it is over for another year. And the week that we spent preparing for this one moment makes me grateful their were no tears. (We did have one child missing because he was sick. And since he was the one crying all week maybe that was a good thing.") And the fact that no one ran to their mom instead of standing in the front was a huge accomplishment. Next year I do believe that I will take another age group though. Because let’s face it- I wasn’t even going to teach this year. I was going to drop off the kids and go home to work in the house everyday. But then the teacher for this class had to go out of town so I stepped in. Two weeks before hand with only getting the books a week ahead of time. So yes, it was a success in my book
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  1. Love this! My little one likely would have been the one running to mom or crying. She's pretty shy in front of crowds :) What a blessing you must have been to these kiddos!

    1. Thank you! Of course I was ready to pull out my hair by the end of the week but in the end it is worth it. Mine would have been running to me too if I hadn't been up there with him.

  2. Anytime you get kids that age to just stand up front is a success for sure. I have learned that as my kids have gotten older (of course I have also gotten older), I struggle with being able to teach the little ones. VBS is the one time you find me involved in a kids program.