Friday, June 28, 2013

Bloom Book Club- Entertaining

Have you checked out the Bloom Book Club yet? You really need to. It is so much fun! We are finishing up section one of the book "Bread and Wine" by Shauna Siequist this week. I am going to post the links to all the videos at the end of this post. But for a few minutes I want to talk about entertaining.

We recently moved from a two bedroom house less than 1000 square feet to a three bedroom home with 1500 square feet. That was four weeks ago. And while we are still painting and unpacking, we have had company over for dinner 5 times since moving. And it has made me happy to have them in this space filling it with love and laughter. Because that is what makes a home. The joy and love that fills the space. My husband complains we have way too many dishes and then when company comes adding any number to our 6, those “too many” dishes are sometimes not enough. I am thankful we homeschool because there is an extra table with four chairs to sit company at. And the island with enough room to seat 4 more and the “bar” area with places for 2 more. I love that we will soon fill all those places with family dinnners for our busy birthday season coming up.
Then there is the food. The gift we offer for joining us in our home. To send someone away with an empty belly would never do. So I cook, and cook, and cook. I make more than enough because more is better than not enough. My children love when others are coming to supper because they know there will be dessert and left overs coming. The three gallons of tea that are made and that will be empty at the end of the evening along with the gallon of Kool-Aid when my sister-in-law and her family come because that is all her husband drinks. The little touches like knowing that the person coming loves butterbeans so those are of course a sidedish that night. Or paying attention to social media so that when your friend's child received an award at school you have something special for them when they come to dinner later in the week. It is about showing love through the food that you serve. It is about serving others through the meals that you serve.

Grace will be said and conversations will ring through the air. It makes a house a home. It builds relationships and self esteem in ways nothing else can. That is the art of entertaining.  

And speaking of food- I will have a new recipe posting next week. It is a family favorite around here called Taco Pie. And I will also let you know how one of the recipes in the book tastes! I am trying the Bacon Wrapped Dates out on our church family at a potluck Sunday. See y'all next week!

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