Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day

I am going to take a chance that my husband will not read this post before tomorrow and go ahead and put up some Father's Day gift ideas.
  I found all kinds of "All About Dad" questionnaires on Pinterest and ended up picking my favorite questions and making my own. Then I had the three older boys sit down and fill them out. Now this whole process led to some interesting conversations. My favorite was about John's truck. One question was "My Dad drives a __________." So my oldest son says "Nissan" and my 6 year old (who will be 7 in 3 short days) looks at him and says "No, he drives a stick shift." And all the boys answered "My Dad's favorite drink is ______" the same way except that my oldest went specific with a name brand thrown in. They had a lot of fun filling them out and I had fun sitting down with my 2 year old to fill his out. Reading them was another highlight and I can't wait to give them to John so he can see what these kids think.

  We also made our own card this year (since I am on a big time budget called ALL homemade). So I decided that we needed to have a photoshoot. I have seen pictures where the boys all have on jeans, no shirts, and their dad's ties on. So I thought I would give it a try. Miles was supposed to be first and as you can imagine it did not go as planned. First, I am still trying to get used to the lighting in the new house versus the old house for pictures and second, he would not leave the tie on.

Then the other boys all balked at taking pictures so I decided to change it up and just take group pictures. I ended up picking 4 and putting them in a collage with Happy Father's Day written across the front. Then I had everyone sign the back and stuck it and the questionnaires in an envelope to give John on Sunday when he gets off work.

To me the homemade gifts just mean more. And what parent doesn't love pictures of their children. So I hope that John likes his "gifts" and I hope that all those dads out there have a great day!

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