Monday, June 17, 2013

Home Projects- Kids Bathroom

So I showed a little sneak peak in the monthly newsletter. But here is the first of the pictures from the new house. The first room actually completed was the kids bathroom. Which was just odd to me. And it remains the only room completely finished. I forgot to take before pictures but the walls were a purpley brown and neither my husband nor I really liked it. It made the room very dark and seem smaller than it was. I got in there and painted the walls a light beige color. I had already bought a towel peg board in orange and had really planned on an Auburn themed bathroom. Instead we ended up with a red shower curtain given to us and since there is no where for a shower curtain in the master bedroom we hung it in the kids bathroom. I also ended up painting a quote canvas in blue and green so now the bathroom is just about bright colors.

So that is the kids' bathroom. I will hopefully finish the kitchen this week and be able to post pictures next week. It is my complex room since I am not used to so much cabinet and counter space. I feel like I need to fill it all up. And also there was a lot more stuff to move from the old house into the new kitchen. I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

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