Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Behind the Scenes- Family Visits

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This past weekend we had family in town. My husband's stepgrandmother, uncles, aunt, and cousins were here. (All of John's cousins are around the same age as our children so we end up being called Aunt Laura and Uncle John). In the above picture, we were actually in the middle of my in-laws annual Back to School Bash with a waterslide, a pool, and a bouncey house. And it was pouring. So these three kids played Match. They had a blast. And Josh loved all the attention he was getting from Kayla (the one in blue). And all those Pratt guys were watching How It's Made. If you walked out the backdoor from this little scene you would have encountered around 50 people sitting under tents, eating peanuts, playing on a waterslide, swimming in the pool, or jumping in the bouncey house- all in the rain. But rain or shine- everyone had a blast.