Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fourth of July Plans Anyone?

The 4th of July used to be spent going to the local fireworks and cooking out with the family. That is until 2010. That's the year I decided to go into labor on July 2nd (and went to see Eclipse at the theater anyway) and have a baby on July 3rd (even though I wasn't due until the end of the month).  That year my mom took the older 3 to the fireworks without me and it seems to have just continued. That is until this year. This year we have already been to one fireworks display in the town we live in. Quite by accident actually. We only had our younger 2 at home and decided to run through McDonalds at 830 at night. While we were there we found out that the fireworks were that night so we parked across the street from the high school and Miles saw his first fireworks. He thought they were "awesome" and kept asking how his Daddy had done it.
So now the plan is to go to the park in the next town over tonight and have Miles' birthday dinner there so that we can watch those fireworks and on the 4th we have been invited to the lake with some friends and we will watch the fireworks from their houseboat. I think this year our children will be fireworked out.
Do you and your family have any plans for the 4th of July?

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