Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Home Projects- The Dining Room

I actually just finished this room this morning! I am so happy with the end result. I may add one more thing to the walls besides curtains (I just can't find any I really, really like) but otherwise it is done.
I still need to do the switch and outlet covers as well but I forgot to pick them up the other day so I have to go get them. 

These walls are painted Cool Sky by Behr. 

This wall is painted primer gray. We really liked it when we got it on the wall so we left it. 

This plate rack is from Southern Living at Home circa 2006ish. The pictures were actually in a frame from Target but the frame broke and I still liked the pictures so I kept them. 

Shelf from Southern Living at Home circa 2006 ish. Lantern from Celebrating Home, Vase from Dayspring.com, and of course a Willowtree figuring from my collection. 

Picture from Celebrating Home circa 2009

Tree from Celebrating Home

Mirror from Celebrating Home circa 2009
The walls in this room were originally red. So we used Killz gray primer and then Behr Cool Sky paint and primer in one. Since we went with such a light color over the red we had to use a primer as well. I have used just the paint and primer in one on lighter colored walls with no problem however. Just remember that you don't want the original color bleeding through. Always ask the paint department people if you have any doubts. They can plug things into a computer and give you the right answers.

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