Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kids These Days

So last school year we homeschooled our older three children (well I did). This year my soon to be 7th grader begged to go back. And this past Tuesday I went and registered him. I had not planned on it until next week but sports' physicals were at 1 PM and the student had to be enrolled to participate. So we quickly got ready and headed up to town. It took over an hour to re-enroll him into the school system he was in since the age of 4 and only out of a year but it is done. A great friend came and picked him up for physicals when enrollment was taking so long. After I got done I headed to the physicals. AND I WAS SHOCKED. These kids! There was PDA, cussing, fighting, and so much more going on in the stands. For kids 5th grade to 12 grade. And there were so few parents. I think I only counted 5. And hundreds of students. And all I can think is that we made such a mistake in sending him back. And my great friend looks at me and knows what I am thinking. Of course she does because she is thinking the same thing but she sees it everyday working at the school. And she gently reminds me that our kids have to learn how to handle all of this. They have to learn how to stand up for their beliefs and what is right. And of course that she will be at the school everyday keeping an eye on him. But my mama heart is not handling that very well. I am scared to let him go. He is protected at home. And maybe that is not a good thing. Because she is right. As a mom though it is my job. So I am preparing myself for horror stories now and to have talks about subjects that I would not have planned. If you can really prepare for that.

How do you handle the middle school "drama" at your house????

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