Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Yesterday was one year. One year from the time that a great man in our lives passed away. He was not related by blood but he was family. My heart was torn last year when the phone call came that he had been found dead on his farm. The following days are really a blur. I know that it was tough. On his wife, his children, his step-children, and all of the grand children. It doesn't take much for the memories to flood back. And all it takes is a mention of his name some days for the tears to start flowing. At times I feel like I have no right to grieve him the way that I do and I really don't understand why I do. Vacation Bible School was hard this past June because my then 2 year old was excited about "Papa" giving rides again this year. He remembered that at his age. And I know that it will not last. He shared a special bond with my oldest and their are days I catch him in his own memories. We have lossed loved ones since including a grandparent. And yet those losses do not touch like this one. Maybe it is because we knew the others were coming and this was just out of nowhere. Maybe it is just the affect he has had on our lives. But we miss him so much. One day I can only hope to see him again and hear all about the good times he has had in heaven. But until then we miss you Milton!

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