Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Potty Training Fun

So I told Miles the night before his birthday that once he turned 3 he could only wear pull ups at night. This is after months of trying to potty train this kid who just didn't care (unless it was poop- poop had to go in a toilet NOT his diaper/ pull-up). Well he has been 3 exactly one week- # of accidents =2 and I am pretty sure that I can't blame him because he had someone trying to help him in the bathroom (my 2 year old niece) and he didn't get out of his underwear in time. I have by no means stayed home this whole time. As a matter of fact, the day after his birthday we went to Albany, GA (an hour away) to visit the Flint Riverquarium and the local Planetarium with the kids. We were there most of the day and he had 0 accidents. In fact his first accident was this past Monday when we went to my in-laws to swim for the afternoon. He is doing great (as I am probably jinxing myself writing this). He loves his underwear and  begs me at night to not put him in a pull up (but that is not happening quite yet). As I knock on wood- this was almost too easy. But I also know that we waited longer to really push the potty training with him versus the rest of them being 2 when we really pushed it. Age really makes a difference?

Any tricks to this whole night training thing????

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