Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rain, rain, rain

The water in my yard is ankle deep. And let's not even mention the fact that I can't get all the way in my yard and have to walk a pretty good distance to get to my house. Now the upside to this is that I have a valid excuse not to leave the house until the first day of school next week. But I had so many plans for this last week of summer: $ 4 movies, school supply shopping, shoe shopping, and various haircuts, etc. Now I am spending a lot of time stuck in a house with four boys who desperately want to go outside.  The new plan is to only go out Saturday for shoes and supplies for the middle schooler who is abandoning us. However, there are huge crawfish and small brim swimming in my yard so we may go fishing from the porch tomorrow. I will make the best of this rain and my flooded yard. And try not to go crazy in the process.

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