Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's all a matter of slowing down.

It's all a matter of slowing down.

Stop rushing through the day and just slow down.

I spent yesterday doing math (which I hate) for 4 SOLID HOURS!

Because he kept making the same mistake over and over again. But when I asked him to walk me through the problem sets he could tell me exactly what to do and get the question right EVERY time. BUT as soon as I sent him back to his seat to do a few more problems on his own he would revert back to doing it wrong. The same way. Subtracting from the bottom up instead of from the top down. But only if the top number was smaller.  He was taking the simple way out and getting the wrong answers and both of us were getting frustrated. I mean to the point of tears from both of us.

I finally told him to stop. Just to stop. To walk around for a few minutes and regroup. Then I made him sit next to me and take his time. And he did it right. He slowed down.

And I got to thinking- how many times do I do that? Rush through getting it all wrong instead of taking my time and doing it right. How many times do I make the same mistake over and over again. I have a tendency to rush to anger and react before I think about it and in doing so I have hurt a friend who I deeply cherish. And apology after apology is not going to help that I hurt her not meaning to. So my new goal is to stop. Whenever I get angry to stop for a few minutes and think it through before saying anything or hitting the publish button on a post I wrote while angry. Especially when I don't write it with one person in mind but someone else will think of this person and go tell them about it starting something. (Small towns are horrible in that sense).

I also noticed last night while the house was empty and WAY too quiet (cue very loud music if you drove by last night) that I have been rushing my kids. Rushing them to be what I think they should be, rushing them to be a little more mature than they really are (some of it is not me rushing), and to get very frustrated when they aren't meeting my standards. (Would anyone else like to come work on reading with Josh- believe me it would test a saint.) I need to slow it down. Take the time to let them be kids and not rush them growing up. Take the time to realize that Josh can read he just doesn't care about reading and find something that will make him care.

I have been challenging myself with Bible reading lately. I tend to get so caught up reading other books that I don't read my Bible. And since I have started I find myself not wanting to put it down. Not the long books and the "more popular" books- the small books that tend to be overlooked. The books of the Old Testament that you rarely hear quoted or mentioned. And you know what I have found a lot of wisdom from those books- and I admit a LOT of confusion. I never would have found it if I hadn't slowed down.

So you see it really is all a matter of just slowing down.


  1. Oh Laura! I wish you were close enough to come to my Bible study on Wednesday nights. We started doing the Bible in 90 Days last summer ... we will start Isaiah next week. :) But we have savored what we're reading. We've dug into context and application, into the history and people. We'll probably spend the next year in the Prophets before we get to the New Testament ... but it has been so good.

    1. I wish I was close enough too! I like being able to spend more time on certain things because I am on my own than having to rush through stuff because there is an agenda and we have to stay on track. I think that small groups are great for that very reason. But I do wish that I was not always reading it and "figuring" it out on my own.