Thursday, August 8, 2013

Things That Make You Wonder

Have you ever heard of that website Topix? Well it is really only a hub for gossip and every once in a while I will look at it because someone mentions something about it that was funny or actually informative. Then last week a thread came up called "Registered Sex Offender Pastor of Church". Now I have all kinds of problems with this BUT it is not my church nor do I know the story behind all of it. And I was not going to get involved UNTIL this guy made a comment that made my blood boil. This is the thread:

Ummm seriously? Sexual experimentalist? Do you even know how you get tagged as a sex offender? I mean obviously you do BUT you are a sick individual if you still think this way. I do not know what this guy's crime was and I don't want to know but I do think that there is something seriously wrong with him. And I think that the church officials should see this as well as someone in the police department. It scares me that this man is around children. It worries me that CHURCH OFFICIALS thought he was a good choice. And I know that we are not supposed to judge people that is God's job but this is above and beyond what is okay. If our children can't feel safe in church where can they feel safe? Especially in these times. I am livid for the parents in this church family. Communities need to start standing up against these kinds of people. He is very open in his thoughts so I feel it is okay to talk about it but most of all I am praying for all these people. For their safety and that if this is really how this man is that their eyes are opened before he does something to someone. I am just in shock I guess about this whole development.

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