Friday, August 2, 2013

What I Want YOU to Take Home From MY Table

If you ever come to my house for a meal there is something I want you take back home with you. A sense of knowing that you are loved. I want you to come and have fun and be a part of my family. I want you to feel welcome. I want you to know that God loves you and I want my home to reflect that. I want you to leave my home feeling like God used me in your life in some way. (hopefully good).
Our tables should be a place where we nourish not only our bodies but our spirits as well. We should use that food to bring God's love to others because what better time to talk to others than when you are sharing food. Our church has a monthly supper at the church building where we fellowship with each other but I think it needs to go further than that. I think that the intimacy that comes with eating in each others homes with only a small group will bring greater conversation and more in depth ministry.
I don't care if we eat off of paper plates and use plastic cups to drink from or if I pull out the best china and set the table to the nines. I want you to know God's love when you leave. (And if you eat at my house it will probably be off of paper plates- just so you know).
That is what I want you to take home from my table.


  1. Laura, this is beautiful! There is no better way to make someone feel cherished and welcomed than to share God's love!

  2. Your words and heart are very welcoming!

  3. This is very sweet, Laura. I hope the same for my table. Blessings!

  4. I'm pretty sure people are more hungry for what you're "serving" than food itself. So well intentioned (and thank you for joining in our link up!!).

    ~ Robin @ for Bloom :)

    1. Thank you Robin. This was a wonderful book and I am so thankful for Bloom.